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Sydney Morning Herald, Lenore Taylor, 27 May 2010

Climate change no longer 'crap': Abbott says man makes a difference


Sydney Morning Herald, Cathy Alexander, 27 May 2010

Rudd betrayed trust on ETS: Flannery

The Canberra Times, Rosslyn Beeby

Climate 'backflip' betrays our trust and Editorial


The Age, Cathy Alexander, Tom Arup and Adam Morton, May 28 2010

Flannery 'feels betrayed' by Rudd on climate


ABC Radio National PM Reported by Brendan Trembath May 28, 2010

Climate Change is Real: US Ambassador

The Age, Cathy Alexander,

'Yes we can' on climate: US Ambassador


The Age, Lenore Taylor, 29 May 2010

Abbott no Captain Courageous


ABC Rural, Sarina Locke, 01 June 2010

Testing the soil carbon claims

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