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The Forum has had a distinguished track record for leadership in sustainable business since 1997. It has established a vibrant platform to profile exceptional business leadership and has created a network of excellence and innovation for sustainable development in business.

The Forum provides you with the opportunity to engage with leaders from business, government, science and academe about important emerging sustainability opportunities and how their companies can benefit from these innovative business practices.

The Forum has often been the first to breakthrough old paradigms by engaging with influential thinkers including Kishor Chaukar Tata Industries, India; Simon Upton OECD; HRH the Prince of Wales; former Vice President Al Gore (2003); Ray Anderson Interface (1998); Paul Hawken author The Ecology of Commerce (2000); Jerry Porris author Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies; Don Tapscott author Wikinomics; Georg Kell United National Global Compact; Janine Benyus Biomimicry; Reverend Tim Costello World Vision Australia; Dame Julia Cleverdon UK and international climate scientist and author, Professor Tim Flannery.

2013 Forum

The 2013 National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development

The 2013 National Business Leaders Forum on Sustainable Development, 'Investing in Sustainable Security: business leadership in a world of strategic risk and opportunity' is to be held on Thursday 27 June 2013 in the Great Hall of Parliament House, Canberra.


2013 Forum Speakers

 Fran Kelly
Stephen Dunne
Executive Director, Fairtrade Foundation
Fran Kelly
Presenter, ABC Radio National Breakfast
Admiral Dennis C. Blair
Former Director of National Intelligence
Tim Costello 
Revd Tim Costello
CEO, World Vision Australia
 Hugh Jackman

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The Venue

Parliament House - Canberra